Whether you’re ordering products to send to your favourite clients, or your company is getting ready to exhibit at a show, never underestimate the power of having personalised branded merchandise.  Why?

One key word.


This covers both business and personal products. After all,  engagement is key in keeping a client interested. A client wants to feel like they are your number one contact and personalisation shows that you actually put some thought into your relationship with them.

Personalisation equally has the power to turn an average present into something meaningful.

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why personalised products and branded merchandise make great presents and corporate incentives.

Branded Stationary by Pixel Studio, Oxford
A Personal Touch.

A personalised plaque engraved with their name, a photo on a coaster or an imprinted frame, all are good ways of making a friend or relative feel special. It lets them know that you made this gift just for them, and it’s not just something purchased last minute or in a hurry.

Increase brand recognition.

By using branded merchandise, a customer can use in his or her everyday life with your logo, you’re able to keep your business in sight and therefore in mind.

It’s unique.

Everyone has been to an event, trade show, conference etc., and left with a give away that is branded.  There are so many choices and options that you can entirely tailor your choices to give your clients entirely unique.

Mass outreach at a low cost.

Budget is often a concern for small businesses and choosing a product which will give you the most “bang for your buck” is important. With a small price tag but large, lasting impact, personalised products are a great way to get value for your investment.

Branded Clothing by Pixel Studio, Oxford
Something to keep.

Once the trade show has ended, the client has something to take back to the office, carrying your brand.  You know your industry, so pick something to brand that you know will get used over and over.


So why not get involved and personalise your products direct, via our online store.

Our customisation tool built within our online store is easy to use and allows you to upload your logo, image and add text within minutes.


Happy exploring!