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A full service web design & development agency based in Oxford, crafting digital products to help ambitious businesses grow.

01. Research

We undertake research both internally with key stakeholders and externally with a sample client base to establish common themes, goals and objections for the website design.  Working multiple strategies to resolve these issues, our agreed approach will move into the Website Design Phase.

02. Website Design

The website design phase aims to achieve a representation of how we can achieve our strategy in a visual context.  User journey, UX testing and a plethora of methodology to prove concepts.  We typically lead our website design mobile first, given the significant dominance of mobile and the rise of DTC.

03. Develop

Strategies can change, goals can change, the user habits definitely change.  During the website development phase we continue to test and better any elements directly with you and samples groups.  This Agile approach allows us to identify any further user issues or functions that may be required, and allow you to make minor website development amends as we move through the website development phase.

04. Live

After final testing we agree upon any final changes and review our live date.  Once deployed we monitor continuously for user journeys, final fixes and log a plethora of data to review and report on.  Our support framework ensures that we remain a continued partner after the development so we can ensure you receive the very best service.

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